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Serious Practise Leads To Serious Fun!

September 2, 2018

Home Edgeucated

(With thanks to Katharine Mac Mághnuis, Úna ní Fhlannagáin and Kevin Brett of Athenry Music School, Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool)

I stole that phrase, from the wonderful Katharine Mac Mághnuis, Director of Athenry Music School.

Both my children are currently learning to play musical instruments but we don’t just apply it to learning music, we use it in other aspects of learning where practise is needed. It has subsequently become one of the BIG PRINCIPLES in our edgeucation, fundamental and tightly interwoven and interconnected with the others.

It was another teacher at Athenry Music School, Úna ní Fhlannagáin, who urged me to read ‘Peak – How all of us can achieve extraordinary things’ by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool (2017). As Úna won the Bonn Óir, in 2017 (Ireland’s very prestigious traditional music competition), I had to take her advice and I am very glad I…

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